About PropertyAccess PropertyAccess is a Real Estate company founded in Singapore with the headquarters in Japan. We have offices in Malaysia and Philippines and distribution in other countries such as Thailand and Vietnam. The company was officially launched in Japan in November 2017 through IPIC (International Property and Investment Conference) which is held bi-annually from 2017 to 2019. Ever since, we organize annual conferences (IPIC), private events, and property awards. In 2020, we started hosting online conferences and producing webinars through different online platforms. Participating countries include the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, USA, among others.
Corporate Offices
1. Singapore 2. South Korea 3. Japan 4. Philippines 5. Malaysia
Distribution Countries
6. United Kingdom 7. United States 8. Cambodia 9. Myanmar 10. Indonesia
11. Sri Lanka 12. Thailand 13. Vietnam